The Travelling Cat: Cluj-Napoca, Romania to Lucan, Co. Dublin, 2012

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Every year, hundreds of cats are being left behind when people relocate to another country. The Travelling Cat Project is a collective effort to demystify international cat travel.

Hopefully, by sharing our stories, it will encourage people to relocate with their cat(s).

We believe if you manage to move your personal belongings to a new country, you SHOULD BE able to move your cat(s) with you.

For a full of list of information and stories, please click here.

Today we are going to hear the first story of travelling by road! Tigruta and Negruta travelled across Continental Europe, cross the Channel and then cross the Irish sea, finally arrived to Dublin.

Let’s have a look at their story…


Tigruta (left) and Negruta (right)



Cluj-Napoca, Romania to Lucan, Co. Dublin, route was probably: Biharkeresztes Hungary trough Austria, then Germany, Belgium, England and from England to Ireland


October 2012


Adriana and Alin


Tigruta and Negruta


1. Did you use an agent?


2. Which agent did you use?


3. What kind of work did you have to do with vet before your cat is clear for travelling?

Micro chipping, rabies vaccination and parasite treatment


4. Is there other paperwork you need to do?



5. How did you travel to your destination? 

We transported the cats from Cluj-Napoca Romania in the first Hungarian town after the border where Moveandparcel took them. We used this crate to transport our 2 baby cats (7 months old at the time).

6. How do you book your cat with your agent? Any specific requirement?

We requested a quotation on the website. After we received the quotation we spoke with the agent through e-mail and phone.

Cat Box

7. How did you prepare your cat box?

We had a medium litter, food and water. Also their favourite blanket and some toys.

Travel day

8. What is the logistics on travel day?

We had to transport the cats to the Hungarian border to meet the carrier. There we had to give the carrier all the documents and the pills for cats to be given 24 hours prior entering Ireland.

9. Was it easy? Was it difficult?

It was piece of cake 🙂

The Journey

10. How is your cat behave during the journey?

The journey was 2 days long. Being together they were fine and not so stressed.


11. Any further inspection or procedure on arrival before you can take your cat home with you?

No. They brought the cats to our door in Ireland.

After travel

12. How did your cat react to the journey?

They were fine. A little stressed but fine. The carrier took care of them very well (food, fresh water, clean litter).

13. How much did it cost in total? 

The price for one cat it was 400 euro, but because we transported both of them in the same cage, we only paid 550 euro. The costs for chipping and vaccination was insignificant.

Other tips

14. Any other information or tips you think other cat people should know if they want to do the same journey?

Once they get to Ireland to asap register their pet chip into Irish database.


Thank you Adriana and Alin for sharing your story with us. I am sure other cat people will the information useful! 


Have you travelled with your cat internationally? If you have, talk to me! Share your story with us! It will help other cat people and their cats! 


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  1. Ann

    That was interesting to read about what is involved with traveling with a cat. I’ve never tried to do that with our cats.

    • alicechauginguene

      It is very interesting! And every journey is different. I have many more stories like this from customers around me. Have you checked out The Travelling Cat page on the blog? There are a few more there and will have more to come 🙂


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