The Purrfect Job got an award!

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Human, Misc stuff | 5 comments

Hey! I am so excited to announce that The Purrfect Job is being listed as the top 30 independent cat blog by the amazing Tuxedo Cat blog!


If you like reading cat blogs, click on the badge and check out the rest of the list, lots of great recommendations!

I would particularly like to urge you to read the information about tuxedo cat on the Tuxedo Cat blog. Let’s hear it out from Tuxedo Cat themselves.


In the UK 75% of all cats are Black and White, because they are so common they are often overlooked by many people when choosing a cat.

Tuxedo patterned cats on average spend more than ten days longer in cat shelters awaiting adoption than cats of different colouring. They are also significantly more likely to become strays so unsurprisingly make up the majority of the world’s feral cat population.

This website exists to give a voice to Tuxedo Cats and champion their cause across the UK and the globe. We plan to do this by helping spread the message that just because a cat looks common there is nothing common about the infectious personalities and enthusiasm for life that you get from a Tuxedo Cat!

via Tuxedo Cat – All you need to know about your black and white Tuxedo Cat.

It is actually something that we don’t pay much attention to. Yes, tuxedo cat is also very often being overlooked in Ireland as well. Please go over to this blog, and maybe even share some information on social media. We need to raise the awareness of the underdog that’s tuxedo cats.

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  1. Mary McNeil

    Lovely ! I have and have had several tuxedos – though some were more Holstein than tuxedo.

  2. Daniel Richardson

    Congrats Alice and thanks for spreading the message of our website too!

    • alicechauginguene

      You are welcome! I hope more people pay attention to tuxedo cats! They are so underrated!


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