Ikea products that make great cat items – Part 2

Ikea products that make great cat items – Part 2

I have done a post about Ikea products that make great cat items a while ago. And since then I got some feedback from you guys that there are other items from Ikea that are also great for cats. So I decided to do a ‘Part 2’ of this list…(Check out ‘Part 1’ here.)

1. SANDHAUG Tray Table


This particular coffee table is great for cats. The top can be made into a cat bed for cats and the ‘body’ of the table is a great scratching post. Here is a demonstration from one of our readers…


2. EKET Cabinet


We have already talked about the KALLAX collection in Part 1 of this post. A reader suggested us to have a look at the EKET collection as well, here is her example of using these shelves to strategically line up on the wall for her cats to use.


I can’t believe we haven’t noticed this collection before. Some of the designs are nearly ready made for a tasteful ‘non-cat-tree’ cat tree!




3. IVAR shelving units


I have talked about these shelves recently in another post. It’s an Ikea Hack I saw while doing one cat sitting job. With the customers’ permission, I have shared their example here.


4. BADAREN Bath mat collection


This is a recommendation from another reader. She discovered this particular bath mat has more ‘grip’ than others. So it’s very good for when using that to line cat tree or cat shelves on high places. You know how the mat tend to move around a bit caused by the force of the cat jump? This bath mat will solve that problem.

The bonus is, it comes with different shapes and colours! And look at the price? It’s super affordable and machine washable! Perfect cat item!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 19.13.32screen-shot-2017-09-06-at-19-13-35.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-06 at 19.13.37


5. Various baskets

I can’t believe I didn’t include this on the Part 1 of this list. I noticed lots of my customers’ house have these ones for their cats.

BYHOLMA baskets


FLÅDIS baskets


GABBIG basket


Do you use any Ikea item for your cat? If yes, please be in touch and help to add that to this list!