Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…) Version 2

Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…) Version 2

Some time ago, I have done a post on how to give tablets to your cat in a reasonably painless manner.

That method works with nearly 90% of the cats I know (not a scientific statistics, just a matter of speech!)

However, as you all know, cats are some of the most unpredictable animal on earth, of course there will be some cats who don’t like that method.

So I have developed Version 2 of this method!

Here is a photo demonstration:

Step 1 – Buy a block of cheese. It doesn’t have to be this brand.

Step 2 – Cut up a little corner of cheese

Step 3 – Prepare the tablet

Step 4 – Poke a hole in the piece of cheese

Step 5 – Put tablet into the hole

Step 6 – Roll the cheese into a ball so that the tablet is in the middle of the ball

Step 7 – Give that to cat

Step 8 – Look at the cat intensely, hold your breathe, cross your fingers

Step 9 – (Hopefully) Cat eats the ball

Step 10 – Sigh of relief, go and make yourself a cup of tea


Do you have any tricks to give medication to your cat? If you do, please SHARE! I am sure all the cat lovers would like to hear from you! 

Trick of the Trade: key test

Trick of the Trade: key test

People might not be aware of this but cat sitting is a business that deals with keys a lot.

At times, we are dealing with more than 10 set of keys per week.

I will do a separate post in the future to show you how my system of key management, but just a quick tip for today.

Always do a key test with the presence of the customer. 

That is to ensure the key WORKS!


Customers could get mixed up and give us the wrong key, or the key is a bit tricky and need to learn how to work it.

So we ALWAYS do a key test.

Are you interested to know more trade secret of a cat sitter? Follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss anything. 


Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…)

Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…)


I heard you said, after reading the title of this post.

I hear you. Trust me.

In my job, I have to give a lot of tablets to a lot of cats. A LOT.

We usually go with the instruction given by the cat parents, but when in doubt, this always save our day…

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Yes, the Aldi cat sticks treat.

It doesn’t have to be the Aldi brand. Lidl, Tesco, M&S, etc. they all do their own brand. As long as it’s a stick treat, it’s fine. Just that Cat Man and I shop at Aldi.

What you do is this…

Step 1: Take one out (duh!)


Step 2: Break up a little piece


Step 3: Open it up vertically…


Step 4: Put in your tablet in the middle (I can’t demonstration this because I don’t have a tablet handy at the moment…)

Step 5: Close it back


Step 6: Give it to cat and pretend there is nothing in it.

Step 7: Walk away and observe cat from the corner of your eye.

Step 8: Cat eats the treat and lick his lips. You say a little ‘YES!’ discreetly to yourself. You have to be discreet or your cat will be suspicious for next time.

Bonus tips: If stick treats is not your cat’s thing, and your vet said you are allowed to crash the tablet you are giving him/her, try tuna or sardine mixed in. If it still doesn’t work, tuna paste is another option. That’s what they use in commercials to get cats walk a straight line or lick their face, etc. But since it’s very salty, I would not recommend for frequent use. Only in desperate situation, i.e. you are about to pull your hair out, that should you proceed with tuna paste.

Do you have your own trick to give tablets to your cat? If you do, SHARE in the comment below. Together, we might be able to learn from each other and no need to be afraid of the giving tablet anymore! (sort of…)