Why pet people are great tenants

Why pet people are great tenants

There is a huge housing crisis in Dublin at the moment, which is horrible. However, cat people have always had difficult time finding accommodation in a lot of places around the world. Some cities are more pet friendly than the other, but Dublin….oh my goodness, it’s notoriously hard to find accommodation when if you are a pet person.

But that’s crazy, because we all know pet people make the best tenants! We are responsible, caring, mature and we are good at taking care of things! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be a pet parent in the first place! In fact, some landlord and real estate agents have copped on and discovered pet parents are the hidden gem of the real estate markets and they are right!

However, there is not nearly enough people realise that, so I decided to make this infographic. Please share this far and wide! The real estate market needs to know pet people make the best tenants!

(A printer friendly version is available by clicking on the image below, you will get the PDF file of this infographic. You have permission to print and distribute the flyer as long as you don’t alter anything.)

Do you have any stories to share as a pet parent trying to find a place to rent? I would love to hear from you.