Cat arts in British Museum

Cat arts in British Museum

On my last post, I shared with you guys my recent visit to London to check out the annual exhibition by the Society of Feline Artists.

I haven’t been to London for over a decade and haven’t been sightseeing in London for nearly two decades! (Now you know my age…)

I don’t personally like London very much (I am sorry to those who do like London, but I have so much bad experience, I really don’t like London). But I thought, ‘maybe I will give it another shot, it’s been a long time, maybe things have changed.’ Well, it has changed a bit but still London is not a place I would intentionally go to unless it’s for an event. I still don’t like it very much…

Anyway, since I was already there for the exhibition, I did give it another shot to do some sightseeing. Last time I did this I was 18 and I had no money. This time I am much older and have some money. Still not much! London is mad expensive as you all know! But I have at least a few quid to buy myself a drink that I didn’t have last time!

Plus, I know there are some cat arts in British Museum that I wanted to check out!

So after the exhibition, I walked from Waterloo to the compulsory sightseeing spot the Big Ben…

Then another compulsory sightseeing Buckingham Palace…The Queen was in that day, the flag was up.

Then I headed down to Piccadilly and discovered this delightful authentic Japanese confectioneries – Minamoto Kitchoan London.

I got one beautiful assortment for the Cat Man and Cat Boy as gift.

Check that out if you are ever in London, the treats are most delicious!

Minamoto Kitchoan London
Address: 44 Piccadilly London, W1J 0DS
Phone: +44 (0)20 7437 3135

Then my plan was to head over to Chinatown. I have always wanted to visit the famous Chinatown of London but every time I am in London I never managed to find time to visit, so I was determined to make time this trip.

Along the way there, I noticed there is the show Cat on the Hot Tin Roof is on…haha!

Once I spotted the famous Chinatown Paifang, I knew I arrived.

The famous bilingual street signs…

It felt so great to be around my own people. In case you didn’t know, the Chinatown of London traditionally populated by mainly people from Hong Kong. I nearly felt like I was home hearing Cantonese language around me and the smell of authentic Hong Kong food in the air.

In case you didn’t know, the legendary Wong Kei Restaurant! I have meant to visit this place for two decades but yet never managed to do so. Finally I made it!

Wong Kei is famous for being probably one of the rudest Chinese restaurants in the world but provide good and cheap food. I got a bowl of lovely wanton noodle for £5.30, which as you know it’s very cheap for London. It tastes just like home. The men working in the kitchen also swear like mad, just like home in Hong Kong too! Oh, how I miss the ambience! So are they rude? YES.

If you want to try the Wong Kei experience next time you are in London, here is some information:

Wong Kei Restaurant
Address: 41-43 Wardour Street London, W1D 6PY
Phone: 020 7437 8408
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30a.m.–11:30p.m.

Finally, British Museum…

Of course, the compulsory visit to the Cat Mummies…

And then the lesser known cat related exhibit in British Museum – Nebamun hunting in the marshes, Nebamun’s tomb-chapel. The exhibit is currently in Room 61 of British Museum.

If you look closer, you can see a cat helping the human with bird hunting.

As a Chinese person, I had to visit the Chinese ceramic collection. It is the biggest ceramic collection in the world outside of China.

Unfortunately, part of the Chinese exhibition is on renovation right now so I couldn’t see the second part of this…

All in all I had a great trip in London, full of interesting cat related stuff! But I probably won’t go back for a while, I still don’t like it very much and the whole time I feel very nervous about terrorism. And then two days after my visit, there was a bomb!

Do you look out for cat stuff when you go on holiday or is it just a mad thing I do? Share in the comment below!