Nurri Cat Cafe Tallinn – Revisit

Nurri Cat Cafe Tallinn – Revisit

I had such a great time at Nurri Kassikohvik in Tallinn last year that I decided to go back this year to give another lecture!

The owners Helen and JJ gave me and Taran the toddler a warm welcome as always. We ate super yummy pancakes and got to work!

I am currently training with the famous former police officer turned pet detective Kat Albrecht to be a Missing Animal Response Technician, so I gave a lecture on Lost Cat Recovery. I also threw in a short Pet CPR demo for good measure!

As you can see, the cat cafe’s cats were working very hard on ignoring my lecture, hahaha

Then we went on to do a cat CPR demo…


P.S. No cat is being harmed during the making of this CPR demo! DO NOT EVER USE A REAL CAT AS PRACTICE! 

And you can see these two little helpers learn very quickly and want to do some heart compression!

And the cafe cats continue to ignore my lecture…

I wish I remember to take a picture of the beautiful pancakes! We just dived in and demolished them! Highly recommend the pancakes if you ever visit Nurri Cat Cafe.

Due to popular request, I have also uploaded the PowerPoint for the lecture on SlideShare, you can have a look here.

[slideshare id=78726612&doc=lostcatrecoverycpr-170810092404]

Nurri Kassikohvik


Cat Cafe: Nurri Kassikohvik – Tallinn, Estonia

Cat Cafe: Nurri Kassikohvik – Tallinn, Estonia

Guys! I am now a contributor on the famous Katzenworld!

My first post has just gone up!

I had the pleasure to be invited last October to visit Nurri Kassikohvik – the cat cafe in Tallinn, Estonia. Not only I got to visit the cafe, I was also invited to give a talk on the subject of cat!

Nurri Kassikohvik situates in a super handy city centre location in Tallinn in the heart of one of the major shopping areas. It is a short walk away from the Old Town. So you really have no excuse not to visit if you are a tourist in Tallinn!

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