Safety tips for a Maowry Catsmas

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It’s that time of the year again.

A quick reminder to watch out for our feline friends so that they can have a Maowry Catsmas.

Ok, let’s talk about the Christmas tree…

I know.

There is very little you can do to be honest. They ARE going to attack it.

It’s full of shiny dangling objects, it will be against their natural instinct if they just sit there and ignore them. NOT A CHANCE!

Instead, we need to damage control so that there is no vet visit, or GP visit (for you!).

  1. Try to stabilise the tree as much as possible. So at least when they jump on it, it’s not going to fall on top of your head!
  2. The water under the tree is a problem. Some people put aspirin or special chemicals to help keep the tree lasting longer. But those could be dangerous to cats. EVEN if you find some pet safe options, the tree itself is toxic when its sap leak into the water. You will need to find a way to cover the water so that the cat has no access to it, you need to cover the tray REALLY well!
  3. Tinsel and strings are EXTREMELY dangerous if swallowed by cats. Your cat will need major surgery to remove intestinal blockage.
  4. Glass ornaments are dangerous if broken. Not only to cat, but also to you if it falls on top of you.
  5. Lots of Christmas foliage are actually toxic to cats! Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, ivy, Christmas roses, AND the Christmas tree itself are all harmful to cats. I have seen pine needles getting stuck on cat nose. They smell the tree then one got stuck. Next stop – visit to the vet on Christmas Day. I know it’s not always possible, but try to hoover the needles up as often as you can.
  6. Candles are another problem. Cats go everywhere as you know, they can knock the candles over. My Larmlarm once nearly got his tail burnt, he was flicking his tail around, not knowing there was candle at that end!
  7. Stress! I don’t need to tell you Christmas is stressful to you. But have you considered the smell, the noise, the visitors are all stressful to your cats. Especially if you have an anxious cats or shy cats. This is a nightmare time for them. If you have a big party, unless you know for sure your cat is cool with that, prepare a room so he/she can go there if they want to avoid all the noise and action. It can be your bedroom or a spare room. Some cats have a favourite room they go snooze. Put up food, water, litter tray and a few bits. So that if they don’t want to come down where the party is, they don’t have to force themselves to go downstairs just so that they can eat or go to the toilet.
  8. Be careful with food thieves! You know your own cat. If they are thieves, be extremely careful. Bones from chicken wings can be fatal. Chocolate is toxic substances. Cigarettes is also toxic. Make sure you don’t have these things lying around for the cat who could accidentally rub on it. They might not intentionally eat chocolate or tobacco, but if they step on it, they will lick their paws, and you know the rest of the story. Try to make sure your guests know this, but my experience tells me people who are not cat lovers don’t GET it or just don’t care, so it’s useless to mention that to be honest. Hence, point 7 above. You might just get the cat away from the buzz altogether.
  9. Indoor cat can run outside accidentally because guests don’t remember to watch out for the door! Again, experience tells me people who don’t have cats don’t get it or don’t care to watch the door. They leave the door ajar and then when the cat runs out they go – ‘Oups sorry! I didn’t know they are that quick!’ No shit! That’s why I told you to be careful. Hence, again, back to number 7 above please.

Remember Christmas is festive time for us human but might not be so fun for cats. Be attentive to their needs and so they can also have a relaxed and comfortable Maowry Catsmas.


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