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I spend hours playing with cats every day.

You might think it sounds like a fun idea, but when ‘playing’ is part of your job, it is not as fun as everyone thinks. Plus, cats under my care are cats whose human are away, so they tend to be bored and have lots of energy. It’s my duty to make sure they use up that energy, tired out and get a good long sleep until the next visit. So the ‘playing’ becomes a very serious matter to me.

After thousands of ‘play’ session, I have tried lots of cat toys in the market. And yet, I have not found any toy better than the Cat Dancer toy.

Cat Dancer toy is truly the best cat toy in the world.

Cat dancer

Let’s see what they say officially:

Cat Dancer is the original interactive cat toy. Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. Home-tested by over 8 million cats.

And this is what I say:

Pros –

  1. Cheap – The Cat Dancer toy is really a no-frill toy. There is no fancy colour fluffy stuff on it. Just a piece of wire and bits of cardboard. So the price is very very affordable.
  2. Resilient – I had mine for 5 years. Enough said.
  3. It WORKS! – When you open the package, you wonder if the cat will like a piece of wire with bits of cardboard attached to it. But before you know, the cat bounce on it and wouldn’t stop for hours on the first day! Honestly, this is the only toy that REALLY works, in my opinion, to use up cat’s excess energy.

Cons –

  1. Tricky to store – It might actually be a bit of a ‘first world problem’, but I find it a bit tricky to store the toy. I have difficulty to wind up the wire and store it in a neat manner without it getting caught on stuff. I find it particularly tricky if I want to take it with me to jobs coz it always get to tangle with other stuff in my bag. But ‘normal people’ who are not cat sitter shouldn’t have this problem!
  2. People don’t know it’s a cat toy – Again, it might be a bit of a weird ‘problem’ if you can even call it that. Due to the no-frill looks, people don’t know it’s a cat toy. If you have guests or cleaners they might ask you why do you keep piece of wire lying around. Once, I had a cleaner thought it was piece of rubbish and toss it into the bin 🙁
  3. Availability – Not very widely available in Ireland. I know carries it occasionally. Alternatively, you can order from my online store here.


As you can see, the ‘cons’ are not really cons to be honest. Plus, we cat lovers don’t really care much about any ‘cons’ of a product as long as the cats love it! In this case, I have yet found one cat who doesn’t love the Cat Dancer toy! And I have played with hundreds of cats!

So what are you waiting for? Go get a Cat Dancer now!

DISCLAIMER: I recommend this product not because I happen to stock them. In fact, I stock them because I love it and found it very difficult to purchase in Ireland. After recommending Cat Dancer toy to many of my customers and they had difficulty finding them, I took the initiative to contact the manufacturer and put in a bulk order for the convenience of cat people around me. The money I make from stocking the Cat Dancer toy covers my cost and shipping. But trust me, the money I make is very insignificant and might not even be enough to buy you a cup of tea.

See Cat Dancer in action!

(The standard disclaimer for all the products I review on this blog:
This is my honest review. In fact, I will not review something that my cats haven’t tried. I don’t receive any form of compensation for reviewing a product. I am only sharing my opinion on these products with you because I think some people might find it useful.)

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1 Comment

  1. chipvangpc

    Great balls of fire…. this is the absolute BEST cat toy!!!! I just purchased several toys for my cat and which one do you think Lucy likes the best?? This one… the Cat Dancer!! The $2 one… really? It’s just a curved wire with little pieces of twisted cardboard on the ends. FYI…if your cat is a gentle player then this will hold up. I’m not sure how it will with a rough, rambunctious cat.
    Ok, just a little background. I rescued Lucy a year ago and she’s a real sweetheart, but we don’t have alot of contact. Her fav place is under the bed. I’ve tried several toys, because basically all she does is eat and sleep, with a little bit of lovin’ a couple of times a day. When I opened the Cat Dancer all hell broke loose. She went nuts…pouncing, running, jumping and stalking. Once I figured out the best way to use it… hold it with the cat’s end curling up… we had so much fun with it. She really goes crazy when I drag it quickly back and forth across the floor. Now, she is out of the bedroom much more… either playing or just relaxing. It has made our relationship even better and she is getting much needed exercise. Not only that, but her mind is being stimulated. It has even come to me noticing her just sitting at my feet, staring…Idk… possibly “begging” to play with her Cat Dancer? I think so, because she will wait there until she gets to lol. I love my Lucy… and she loves her Cat Dancer.


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