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While travelling with your cat internationally, sometimes it might not be possible to finish your journey in one day. You and your cat might need to look for lodging during transit. Plus, it is a good idea to break the car trip into session so that your cat can get rest. It is incredibly difficult to find pet friendly lodging in Ireland but situation has improved greatly in the past decade, a quick search on gives us 38 options for Dublin. Not too bad in comparison to a few years ago, right?

And Europe Pet Net has some tips on their website on pet friendly lodging, let’s have a look!


Pet Friendly Lodging Guide

Most hotels in Continental Europe and Scandinavia are pet-friendly, but this is not always the case. When you are searching for a pet-friendly hotel or B&B – take the time to read the fine print before booking a room. Keep in mind that a published pet policy may be lacking and you must first call the hostel or hotel for clarification.

Some hotels will specifically list out the types of pets that are welcome. Small B&Bs may even require that your pet is crated while you are not with your pet in the room.  Others may require a “pet deposit” upon check-in, to cover any damages if your pet makes a mess or chews up the curtains. Renting an apartment for holiday is becoming a very popular alternative to the standard hotel room and many of these are pet-friendly.

How can I find a pet friendly room?

There are several ways to search for a pet-friendly hotel online. Some are more efficient and user-friendly than others. Here are our recommendations for a quick, easy search: – On their home page, type in your destination, dates and how many guests. Click “search” and then look for the tabs on the left side of the page. Click on “Facility” and you can filter your search for ‘Pet Friendly’ places. – Trip Advisor is not just for hotel and restaurant reviews anymore. They have recently added a filter to their hotel and rentals search engine, allowing pet owners to select pet-friendly options easily.

Google Hotel Finder – Don’t just rely on your basic Google search for finding the best pet-friendly lodging. Google has developed a specific search engine just for this need. Put in your destination, dates and then search for the best prices. Google then allows you to filter for pets under “Amenities.” – AirBnB has become a go-to for people travelling on the cheap or for those seeking luxurious apartment rentals. Sometimes you can book a night on someone’s couch and save Fluffy a spot too!  When you find a place within your budget, click on “Amenities” and it will tell you if the room is pet-friendly or not. While this method of searching isn’t as efficient as the others on this list, you can still find some great deals very easily.

If you use another website, you may not be able to easily search for pet friendly rooms. Often you have to find a place to stay within your budget and then find out if the place is pet friendly. If you book through a major hotel such as Radisson Blu, Hilton, Choice Hotels, Ibis, etc., their website should provide all details of pet policies before you book.

Other Pet-Friendly Accommodation Search Engines:

For USA/Canada:


via Europetnet – Pet Friendly Lodging Guide

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