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As I said yesterday, I am going to dive right back in to this blogging thing. I already have many drafts lined up.

While browsing around trying to get a hang of all the functionality again. I notice, to my terror, the Bueno theme I have been using is retired!

I went and googled ‘what does it mean WordPress theme retired?’

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand. So there were lots of answers.

Ok! So it means in the 2 years time that I had the baby, the world of blogging has changed yet again.

Now is all about mobile friendly.

So I needed a new theme or people won’t have the full Purrfect Job experience on their mobile phones.

I went ‘theme shopping’…

Hours of research, I noticed in order to facilitate mobile phone reading, lots of themes are using the extract function, so that people don’t have to scroll down a lot when they are on their phone. Such a smart idea!

And another thing I noticed is photos and videos have become so much more important in choosing a theme these days.

At the end, I settled on a magazine style theme. I mean, The Purrfect Job does have a lot of different permanent series, so a magazine style will help you guys navigate different series  easier.

So goodbye Bueno theme! I really liked it 2 years ago! Thank you for your service!


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