Are you a devoted cat lover?
Do you want to meet other like-minded people doing things that cat lover like?
Our exclusive membership club is the purrfect place for you.

What is this? 

One of the biggest urban myth of all times is that cat people are shy and don’t like to socialise! This is simply not true! 

After working with cat lovers for over a decade, I notice there is a need for cat lovers to connect with other like-minded people. Problem is, it’s often not easy to do. Unlike dog lovers, we don’t walk our cats and cannot be easily identified. 

This is why I am on a mission to help cat lovers to connect with each other – learn, chat and socialise with other like-minded people.  



What do you get?

We are constantly adding new features, these are the amazing things we are currently offering. 


Bi-weekly webinars on cat science and other lifestyle subjects

Access to knowledge archive

Unlimited access to our past webinars and conferences

Community chat

Member’s only chat with like-minded people and international cat care professionals.

Social events

Hang out with other cat lovers – Chat & Cuppa, Music & Wine, Game Night, Book Club, and more…


Monthly group consultation to ask Alice any question you might have

Exclusive discounts

Monthly discounts to cat-related and cat-friendly businesses

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For ONLY €14.99 per month, you will have access to other like-minded, educated people to learn the latest cat science together and socialise in our community events!