Are you a new cat parent looking for advice in a safe space?
Are you an experienced cat lover who loves to socialise with other cat lovers who “get” you? 
Our exclusive membership club is the purrfect place for you.

What is this? 

After working with cat lovers for over a decade, I learnt that most cat behavioural problems are caused by a misunderstanding between humans and cats. I am on a mission to help cat lovers interpret their cat’s behaviour so that they can develop a deeper understanding of their needs, resolve frustrations on both sides & have a closer bond with their feline friend.

I also notice cat lovers are amazing bunch of people full of fun! By being in a supportive and non judgemental environmental, we can all make bigger progress together to improve cat welfare – our own and others. 

Join me on this journey. Let’s do this!

What do you get?

We are constantly adding new features, these are the amazing things we are currently offering. 


Monthly webinars on cat science, so to equip you with the latest knowledge to be the best cat parent you can be

Access to knowledge archive

Unlimited access to our past webinars and conferences, so that you can  review the content at your own time

Community chat

Member’s only chat with like-minded people for drama free, non judgemental, science based support

Social events

Hang out with other cat lovers – Chat & Cuppa, Music & Wine, Book Club, etc, make great friends in the comfort of your own home! 


Monthly office hour where you can ask Alice any question you might have, direct access to cat professional at your fingertips

Our doors are now closed to new members!

Worry not! We will take in new members again in the next few months. Sign up to the waiting list now so to get notification when it opens again. 

“I joined Maow Club over a month ago to have someone to ask when I have kitty questions. The words that describe this membership is a cat slave support system 😹 Since I became a member I’ve gained Answers to questions I’ve had, resource ideas and links, a community. I’d definitely recommend this membership to all cat lovers out there”

Jess Brown

“I joined Maow Club for all the knowledge. Friendly, informative, open is what describes this club. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this club and connections with a good group of people. I’d highly recommend Maow Club  because all the information given inside this membership can be trusted”


“I joined Maow Club over a year ago because I knew about Alice’s expertise. When I became a member I found advice, like-minded people and acceptance as a cat lover. I’d highly recommend this membership to any cat lover because the knowledge communicated is invaluable”


“I joined this membership over a year ago to get in touch with other cat lovers and to learn all about kittys and how they work. Educational, fun, interesting and music night are the words that come to mind when I think of Maow Club.

I’ve learned lots about cats and their behaviour. Found out interesting information about other cultures and countries. Spent many afternoons and evenings chatting with people I probably wouldn’t have chatted to otherwise, which is pretty cool in itself.

I’d highly recommend Maow Club because it’s a great place to “meet” new people and learn lots about cats, and about other topics as well”


“I joined Maow Club over a year ago to meet other cat people and learn more about cats. This community is friendly and enjoyable and I feel like I got to know like-minded cat people and I really enjoy the webinars. I’d highly recommend this membership especially to new cat owners because they will learn a lot”

Elizabeth Flood

“I’ve been in Maow Club for around 6 months. I knew of Alice’s work and wanted to be able to learn more about how to make my cats’ lives better + understand them better. When I think of Maow Club, what comes to mind is great trainings with a qualified and interesting cat expert and I always get answers to my cats’ behaviour problems + more knowledge. I highly recommend this membership to any cat lover!”

Audrey. S. Arnold

“I joined Maow Club because I like cats. Inside Maow Club I found a fun, open, inclusive, and informative community. What I have gained from this membership is getting to know some interesting people, share experiences and knowledge.
I’d recommend this membership to any cat lover because is an amicable forum to exchange experiences and information”

Antonio Mato