Here we go, a disclaimer.

Any tips or stories I shared here is NO replacement of vet visits nor one-on-one behavioural consultation. If your cat is unwell, seek professional attention immediately. 

In order to protect the privacy of my customers, most of their name have been changed. I said most because some of my customers are so proud of their cats, they want the world to know their stories! So some of these are real.

For those fake names, there is no way you can guess who is who coz I use a random name generator online, so it’s…er…random.

However, since about 80% of my customers are foreign nationals who live in Dublin (yeah, there are a lot of us here!) I have to pick a name that fits the nationality of that particular person, so to keep the stories a little bit more authentic.

Cat names are usually real, except if it is very unusual and if I use his/her real name, you will guess who the human is. Dublin is so small after all…

Oh, that bring us to the pronoun issue here. A cat is either ‘his’ or ‘her’, never ‘it’. End of story.

Also, a cat is a ‘person’. Not a ‘person’ as in human being. I am aware that they are not human, but ‘person’ as in a ‘persona’, someone who has a ‘personality’. And they definitely do have.

This is my blog and it is a blog about cat and cat people. Cat hating comments will be deleted without a second’s hesitation. Nasty comments from trolls such as – ‘your writing sucks!’ – will be deleted as well, not because I can’t take criticism but because it’s not constructive also it’s not a comment one will make in the real world – no one will ever goes into someone’s shop and yell ‘your stuff suck!’. More importantly, it’s MY blog so I can set my own policy. If you have so much time on hand to leave nasty comments, you need to get out more…or get a girlfriend / boyfriend.

English is not my mother-tongue. So it’s possible that I make stupid mistakes. Please be aware I am trying my best to proofread everything I write by an English speaker but sometimes they might not be available. I hope you will be understanding. Corrections are welcome through the comment section.

As for the Start My Own Business corner, it is by no means, in any stretch of the imagination, an instructional guide. As you might have already noticed, I said Start MY Own Business, instead of Start YOUR Own Business, unlike most of the websites out there. Because it really is about how I started MY own business. I share my journey with you and hope you get inspired. But it is NOT professional business advice in any way whatsoever. Just imagine me sitting with you in a cafe telling you what I did to get where I am today. However, what works for me might not work for you. Therefore, if you do follow in my footsteps and do what I did, start a business but then got yourself into financial trouble. I am not to be held legally responsible for your misfortune.


So to sum up:

  • Talk to the vet or a behaviourist if your cat is unwell
  • Human names are mostly fake
  • Cat names are mostly real
  • Cats are ‘he’ or ‘she’, never ‘it’.
  • A cat is a person
  • Nasty comments will be deleted
  • You can’t sue me for anything I said in the Start MY Own Business corner

That’s all there is to it and now let’s go back and talk about cats 🙂