Cat tip: How to get rid of cat hair on a blanket?

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Cat Tips, Human | 3 comments

I learned this quick tip from one of my many resourceful customers.

Summer is on and your cat has been shedding so much hair on your blanket/cushion/jacket/etc.

How can you remove the millions of hairs that got stuck? You have tried one of the lint roller things and it doesn’t work very well?

Try put your blanket/cushion/jacket/etc into the tumble dryer!

I have never tried that myself as I don’t have a tumble dryer, but one of my customers swears by it.

Just put it in for 15-30 seconds, all the hair will be sucked into the filter, then you will have your blanket/cushion/jacket/etc sans cat hair!

Make sure to clean the filter after, of course! And make sure your blanket/cushion/jacket/etc are safe to tumble dry!

Or alternatively, you can buy one of these blankets…


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Are you having problems with cat hair sticking everywhere? How do you deal with it? Share your trick in the comments below! 

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  1. Mary Gormley

    I have a Miele Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner, and I find the turbo brushes great for picking up cat hair – the small one for furniture, and the big one for carpets.

    I must try the tumble dryer tip for blankets. I know that when I wash the cats’ blankets they come out of the washing machine still hairy, but a lot of hair then sticks to the filter in the tumble dryer. I just never thought of putting dry blankets in there.

    • alicechauginguene

      I know! No one thought of putting dry blanket into the dryer. And this customer of mine only discovered it by accident after being frustrated of picking cat hair out!

      Oh well, most great discovery are by accident, right?

  2. PetToyUK

    I usually use some duct tape wrapped around my hand to tease the cat hair off clothing (never found lint brushes to be too effective).


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