Easter safety tips for cats

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I was very tempted to put a cute cat photos with Easter decoration in the background for this post. But then I realise if I do that, I won’t be doing what I preach. So instead, I put a vintage cat postcard here. Because yes, a lot of the Easter decoration is actually safety hazard to cats so before you get ready to your Easter celebration, please make sure of your cat is safe from these hazards in your house this weekend.

Easter grass

Plastic easter grass that comes in a lot of packaging is a choking hazard to cats. The shining moving bits are very attractive to them and they will start chewing them. If swallow substantial amount, it can cause intestinal blockage. If you must do some ‘grass’ decoration, using green tissue will be a much safer option. An emergency visit to the vet this weekend in Dublin is not fun, it’s going to be very expensive and very difficult to get a slot, trust me.


There are lots of chocolate lying around this weekend. Please be careful. Chocolate is toxic to cats. Even if your cat is not the greedy kind and is interested in chocolate. Chocolate cake can be another problem. If they step on the cream or children accidentally smear some on them (I am speaking as a mother of a 3 year old, I know what could happen), your cat will end up ingesting some chocolate when trying to clean themselves. The tin foil that is usually used to package these chocolate egg is again a hazard (read Easter grass above).

Easter lilies, Daffodils and Tulips

These are all toxic to cats. If you notice your cat is vomiting and become lethargic, you need to go to the vet urgently. Unless you can find a very secure place in your house where your cat can’t get to (hahaha, who are we kidding?) it might be best to avoid them.

Table scraps

Easter lunch! Yummy! So does your cat’s thought! Even if you are extremely careful cat parent and wouldn’t willing give them scraps, they are crafty and you know it! Stealing bit of meat might not be the end of the world, but cooked chicken bones could be fatal.


This could potentially be the biggest hazard of all to be honest! You could very well be vigilant of all the above 4 hazards, but here comes the visitors who don’t know or don’t care! So they bring in gifts that contain hazards, they start leaving food around, they might even leave the doors and windows open!!! Then the noise, the sudden movement, the trying-to-pick-up-a-kick or trying-to-move-the-cat-off-their-favourite-chair. I honestly think to best set up a cat room that I always suggest for this kind of occasion just to avoid all the trouble.

Before I go to do my very very busy cat sitting round for Easter weekend, I want to tell you about this delightful children book I discovered! Yes, why not Easter cat? Hahaha!

So happy Easter to you all and I wish you and your cat to have a peaceful, joyful and safe weekend! 

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