I think my cat has a problem, can you help me?

A lot of people think cats just “have their own ways”, but it is not true! Most feline behavioural problems are caused by misunderstandings between human and cats. You and your cat(s) can both live better lives if the behavioural problems are modified. Alice, our cat behaviourist, might be able to help with any cat behavioural problems.

Are you a cat whisperer? 

No, I can’t talk to cats if that’s what you have in mind. However, I can read cat’s body language. More importantly, I am doing the detective work to help you to see your set up from your cat’s point of view. By working together, we can get to the bottom of this and figure out what cause your cat’s behavioural problems.

Attention: Before seeking behavioural therapy, please check with your veterinarian to make sure there is no underlying medical condition. Some behavioural problem might be a symptom of a physical condition

### Due to the pandemic, there will be no face-to-face consultation until further notice. You can choose to attend on Zoom, GoogleMeet, Skype or LINE.

If you don’t have any of the above software, I can also provide you a link to use Whereby (with Whereby you just need to have a browser, no need to download anything).

* Service en français disponible
** Alice 可提供廣東話及國語服務,歡迎查詢。

Behavioural Consultation

This is to help you to solve a specific problem, for example: 

    • Destructive marking behaviours such as spraying (urine) and middening (feces)
    • Inappropriate elimination (urinating , defecating) outside of the litter box
    • Clawing and other destructive behaviours (e.g. scratching the furniture)
    • Aggressive behaviour towards the owner, other cats, or people within the household (e.g. clawing, biting, chasing, bullying, etc)
    • Yowling, inappropriate vocalization, and compulsive behaviours
    • Other so-called “bad behaviour”
Video Consultation
Training plan
Email or WhatsApp follow up

Cat vs Baby Consultation

If you are expecting or you have a newborn baby, this will help your family for a smooth adjustment.

Did you know Alice is also a trained doula? Equipped with the knowledge of cat behaviour and newborn baby behaviour, it has become her speciality to help with this particular area. You can have a look at her article here on the subject matter.

Alice can help you with:

  • Antenatal preparation for cat(s) to get used to the smell and noise of all the new baby things

  • The actual introducing the baby to the cat(s)

  • Information on how to supervise baby and cat playtime

  • How to ensure baby and cat have a good start of a friendship

Bespoke Consultation

If you are dealing with a specific life events – moving house, building work, getting married, getting divorce, etc, I can guide you through this adjustment.

Major life events are not only stressful to humans, but it can also cause a lot of stress to your cats. 

Alice can help you with:

  • Writing out a plan ahead of the event to minimise stress

  • Safety plan and protocol suggestion (in the case of moving house, building, wedding day, safety is crucial)  
  • Follow up session to support you implement 

  • Debrief after the event to help settle back in

This training can be done in multiple sessions depending on your needs. Contact me for a quotation. 

    Expert consultant to media or court cases

    • I have experience working with media both in Ireland and abroad for various cat-related projects, e.g. documentary, interviews, radio talk show, etc. If you have a project that involves cats, please don’t hesitate to discuss with me.

    • If you need expert witness for a court case or mediation involving a cat, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

    Guest lecturer or speaking engagements

    • I have QQI Level 6 Train the Trainer with Distinction

    • If you are in need of guest speakers for the following subject matter, please be in touch.

      – Cat behaviour
      – Animal care work
      – Start your own business
      – Chinese culture

    Excellent, very detailed and Alice was very knowledgeable. She answered all the learners questions patiently and with great enthusiasm. We enjoyed the range of what the lecture covered and also the references to her past experiences. The content was impressive but not too overwhelming either. The delivery was very informative, Alice is a great speaker and her enthusiasm for cat behaviour is evident from the beginning. She is funny and this makes the lecture very engaging to listen to. She is extremely knowledgeable and the learners really enjoyed the fact that they could ask questions and did not feel rushed. The lecture has healed my learners as they have skills demonstrations and projects revolving around feline behaviour and body language. The lecture has helped set the foundation for the next classes I will be teaching and we regularly refer back to Alice’s lecture in class as we have discussed feline behaviour.
    Lecture, Ormonde College