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    1. Download the pre-homework

    Please download the Cat’s Mental Health Checklist here and fill in as much as you can before the challenge, it will help you make the most of the content during the week

      2. Mark your calendar: 23 – 27 May, 20:00 Dublin time (Find out what time it is in your time zone here)   

        3. Join the pop-up Challenger Facebook Group

        This is where you can post your homework, get feedback from Alice and exchange tips with other challengers.

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        The training will be streamed into Facebook through Streamyard, if you want Alice to see your name when you comment to ask questions, please grant StreamYard permission to see your name

        5. Download Workbook

        We are keeping the challenge full of fun! You will receive a workbook in the coming days. Make sure to download that before the challenge, it will help you to consolidate your knowledge.

        6. Submit your case for Case Studies (optional):

        You will get a chance to be featured on Day 5 when Alice will investigate a few cat behavioural problems in front of a live audience. We will choose a few cases to feature.

        After the challenge

        A reminder of other goodies coming your way!  

        • Lifetime access to the video recordings: The FB live videos will be deleted from everywhere after the challenge, but as a paid challenger you will get lifetime access to the recording in a private hub at Maow Academy.
        • Bonus “backstage” Zoom call: You will get a chance to interact with Alice “backstage” through a Zoom call after the challenge where you can ask questions 1:1, details will be announced during the challenge.


        Date: 23-27 May, 20:00 Dublin time every day

        Day 1 – How do we know if my cat has stress?

        Day 2 – What causes the stress?

        Day 3 – Why are cats easily stressed but hide their stress so well?

        Day 4 – How to improve cats’ mental health?

        Day 5 – Case studies

        Who is the instructor? 

        Hi, I’m Alice Chau-Ginguene a cat behaviourist, writer, educator, advocate based in Dublin, Ireland. For over a decade, I have worked with thousands of cats and their humans, to educate and to find harmony in their living space. When I am not working with cats, I am studying and writing about cats.

        After working with families in different countries around the world, I have noticed most of the cat “problems” are not really problems, but rather a misunderstanding between cat and human sharing a living space, and a solution can be found through education.

        I am passionate to help cat lovers by explaining cat behavioural science in simple and fun language, so that they can develop a deeper understanding of their cat’s needs, confident that their cat is happy & have a closer bond with their feline friends. 

        I have been featured on numerous media both in Ireland and abroad – RTE, Virgin Media, Irish Times, Irish Independent, Newsweek, Irish Examiner, etc. I have published a Cat Care Guide in English and Chinese during the pandemic, to help tens of thousands of new cat parents around the world who discovered the joy of having cats in their lives during the lockdown. 

        Join me on this journey. I look forward to seeing you at the challenge!