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Ok, this is not strictly catification in the sense that you are enriching the environment for the cats. It is a catification project for human so that if you are renting you will have a higher chance of getting your deposit back!

Amber has kindly shared her project with us today. And I thought this is very valuable for those of us who are renting. These covers will project the chairs from cat scratches and cat hair!



You can see Lily in the background snoozing..haha!

Imagine a few scratches on the padding of these chairs? You can kiss your deposit goodbye.




You might go, what’s the big deal, it’s just some covers.


This brilliant video shows you how you can even turn a bare chair into a chair with ‘fake’ upholstery as well.

Amber has also kindly told us where she got her materials too! She purchased the thread and ribbon at Hickeys, fabric at IKEA and Velcro at Woodies. She also mentioned that this thicker upholstery fabric she got can take quite a beating!

Let’s look at the happy users (destroyers) of these chairs!

Here is Lily…


Lily: Hey hooman, give me the treat!

And here is Poppy!


Poppy: What am I supposed to do here?

When we say destroyers, we mean it! Look at this picture taken after just one week of usage! It’s already full of Lily hair and look at the paw prints!


I personally think this is a really smart idea. Not only for catification purpose but also from an Apartment Therapy point of view! I have a few chairs in my rental house that are bare. It’s quite hard to sit on for long duration. I put some cushions on but it never stays where they are. So I might just have a go with this project.

Another idea is that, we can actually make different covers to change up the mood of the room! Maybe a set for winter and a set for summer! Or even covers for different festivals!

Such an amazing idea for happy cat and happy human!

How do you project your furniture? Or have you given up altogether? Share your stories below! I would love to hear from you. 

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