Catification – cat private bathroom under staircase!

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Cat Tips, Catification | 4 comments

Today, we got a submission from one of the followers of this blog!

Meet Kitty, the lucky cat who has her own private bathroom!


img_4767 img_4766

Such a smart idea!

Simply put a cat flap into a storage area under the staircase, all the suppliers are also neatly organised in the ‘bathroom’. Not only Kitty can get much needed privacy when using the litter tray, this arrangement also makes cleaning the litter tray is much easier for human with everything in place.

Do you have any smart catification ideas? Let me know! I will feature them here!

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  1. MeowLifestyle

    Excellent, such a simple well-thought out idea. 🙂

    • alicechauginguene

      I know right? It’s also a good use of an empty space under staircase!



  1. Catification – a ‘Mud Room’ for the cat flap integrated into the kitchen! – The Purrfect Job - […] This family also has an under staircase private kitty bathroom, similar to the one what I have featured recently. […]

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