Catification – a ‘Mud Room’ for the cat flap, integrated into the kitchen!

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In the cat behaviour world, we know that cat flaps can sometimes be the source of anxiety for cats. Of course, cat flap is a very handy for cats to go in and out by themselves. However, other cats can also come in and out by themselves. These days, a lot of cat flaps work with microchip so this prevent other cats from coming in. However, I have worked with cats who have anxiety issues because they don’t know that other cats can’t come in! Plus, the cat flap can bring in smell and noise from the outside. So to some cats, cat flap is the breach of the safety to their castle and that could create lots of anxiety issues to some cats.

Today, we are going to look at an example how some human solve this problem.

There it is, a ‘Mud Room’ for the cat flap integrated into the kitchen cupboard…

This is such a good idea! This little box provides some buffer for any cats that are going in and going out of the cat flap. I can imagine they feel much safer being able to check out the environment before diving into the outside world. Also, if any cat from the outside does sneak in, this buffer zone also gives the inside cat a change to project their castle by guarding this place.

I can imagine, it will be a particularly good set up in house where they are dogs and toddlers. In case the cat is coming into the house, there won’t be a chance that the dog or the toddler accidentally blocking their entrance or poking their head out to spook the cat, etc.

As an additional advantage, this mud room does catch mud! It will be easy to clean in one confined area than to have cats drag mud all over the place, especially if you have light colour decoration around the house.

Now, let’s meet the lucky users of this amazing catification project!

Say hi to Polo…He is a little shy and I haven’t been working with him long yet so you can see he is a bit alarm by me taking photo of him.

Here is Gaby, who is also from Hong Kong just like my Larmlarm! It’s not often I get to meet a cat from my home town!

This family also has an under staircase private kitty bathroom, similar to the one what I have featured recently.

Have you done any catification project? If you have, please be in touch! I would love to feature you on here! 

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  1. Trish

    This is such an awesome idea!!! Very clever indeed 🙂


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