Shortlisted! V by Very Blog Awards Ireland!

Shortlisted! V by Very Blog Awards Ireland!

WOW! I can’t believe I have been shortlisted by V by Very Blog Awards Ireland!

V for Very Blog Awards 2017_Judging Round Button_Shortlist

So now The Purrfect job will be entering to the final stage of judgement for this national award. I am so excited!

The event will be taking place on 5 October, on Academy, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. If you are interested to attend the event, click here for more information.

Got another award!

Got another award!

The Purrfect Job just got another award!

I have been included on the list of Top 35 Cat Blogs by We’re All About Cats!

Thank you so much for the honour! I will continue to work hard to provide interesting cat contents on this blog!

You might also want to check out the other blogs on this fabulous list, there are so many interesting blogs waiting to be discovered!

Cats of Estonia 

Cats of Estonia 

I was just looking at the photos for my trip to Estonia and I noticed there are actually quite a few of cats I met there! So I decided to do a bit of a summary…

Some random cat I noticed at the window…just chilling out.


I was invited to be a panelist for the Arvamusfestival – Opinion Festival (I know, it’s crazy, don’t ask me why I got invited as I have no idea…) so we spent one night at Paides. At the apartment we stayed in, the host’s cat kept coming up to ask for food. He/she literally just sat at the table with us at breakfast time…

Another of their cats was just screaming ‘HELLO!!!!’ to us from the back garden…

And then came to check us out while we were leaving…

Say hi to Joseph. The naming might have been a joke on Joseph Stalin but have nothing to do with Stalin really as this Joseph the cat is a lovely person…He lives with a friend of mine in Tallinn…

Say hi to Rosie who has her own sofa. She lives in Turi.

Can you caption this photo? Teele is a grumpy cat, and I don’t think I need to tell you that…

Do you take cat photos when you travel? Please share with me below! I would love to see cat photos from around the world! 

Cat theme arts and crafts – Saaremaa Kunstistuudio, Saaremaa, Estonia

Cat theme arts and crafts – Saaremaa Kunstistuudio, Saaremaa, Estonia

More on my trip to Estonia!

Between giving lectures and meetings, I took a few days off to the island Saaremaa. I ran into this art studio / gallery place with a lot of cat theme arts and crafts, I thought I would share with you guys.

Here it is, the Saaremaa Kunstistuudio…

I noticed immediately the cute cats on the window walking pass…

I went inside and noticed other unusual cat items immediately…

Apparently, there was an exhibition of an illustrator Liisi Lukk. I suspect she is a cat lover as there are quite many cat theme artwork in her collection.

Aren’t they amazing?

I always find it refreshing to be on the Continent where cats have a more prominent position in people’s heart. There is still a long way to go for cat lovers in Ireland…

If you ever visit Saaremaa, check this place out!

Liisi Lukk – the artist


Longlist Blog Awards Ireland!

Longlist Blog Awards Ireland!

As I was just celebrating the first 100th post on this blog, another piece of great news just comes in!

I have been longlisted for the V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017!

The Purrfect Job will be judged under the categories of –

  • Personal Blog > Lifestyle (for all the cat talk on this blog)
  • Personal Blog > B2B (for all the business talk on this blog)

I am so excited and of course I am hoping I will be shortlisted for the next round of judging.

Thank you so much for your support, I really couldn’t have done this without you guys!

Cute cat souvenir – Souvenir de Hapsal, Haapsalu, Estonia

Cute cat souvenir – Souvenir de Hapsal, Haapsalu, Estonia

I am currently travelling in Estonia. I ran into this cute little shop in the cute little town of Haapsalu, Estonia.

The shop name is a word play of Tchaikovsky’s three pieces of piano, very smart indeed…

And of course, I am not going to mention a shop on this cat blog if there isn’t some cute cat stuff!

Look at these cat games!!! I so wanted to get these but sadly I need to worry about Ryanair luggage allowance…

If you ever visit Haapsalu, make sure to check out this little shop, very good place to get interesting souvenir.


Souvenir de Hapsal

Address: Ehte 12, Haapsalu, Estonia
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00
Phone: (+372) 5639 1671