Cat tips: how to give cat malt paste

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Cat Tips | 5 comments

Some cats are prone to hairball problems.

One of the solution to help with that is to give them malt paste.

Some cats LOVE those paste while some really don’t. If your cat suffer from serious hairball problems and you really want to get them to eat those paste. There is one secret solution I am going to share with you today.

Smudge paste on the back of their front paws!

Because we want them to do this…



See where I am going?

Yes, problem solved.

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  1. Casey

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Casey

  2. Claire Simon

    Hi I’ve tried this and they now run away as they dislike it so much
    What else can I try ? I’ve tried hiding it in food and they just won’t eat it

    • Alice Cat Expert

      Have you tried cheese or ham or smelly fish? It needs to be something strong and irresistible. If you are still having problem, please be in touch, I can explore other options with you. Or check with vets if they can provide an alternative option. Some medication is more platatble than others.



  1. 100th post! Thank you! – The Purrfect Job - […] 6: Cat tips: how to give cat malt paste […]

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