Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…)

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I heard you said, after reading the title of this post.

I hear you. Trust me.

In my job, I have to give a lot of tablets to a lot of cats. A LOT.

We usually go with the instruction given by the cat parents, but when in doubt, this always save our day…

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Photo credit:

Yes, the Aldi cat sticks treat.

It doesn’t have to be the Aldi brand. Lidl, Tesco, M&S, etc. they all do their own brand. As long as it’s a stick treat, it’s fine. Just that Cat Man and I shop at Aldi.

What you do is this…

Step 1: Take one out (duh!)


Step 2: Break up a little piece


Step 3: Open it up vertically…


Step 4: Put in your tablet in the middle (I can’t demonstration this because I don’t have a tablet handy at the moment…)

Step 5: Close it back


Step 6: Give it to cat and pretend there is nothing in it.

Step 7: Walk away and observe cat from the corner of your eye.

Step 8: Cat eats the treat and lick his lips. You say a little ‘YES!’ discreetly to yourself. You have to be discreet or your cat will be suspicious for next time.

Bonus tips: If stick treats is not your cat’s thing, and your vet said you are allowed to crash the tablet you are giving him/her, try tuna or sardine mixed in. If it still doesn’t work, tuna paste is another option. That’s what they use in commercials to get cats walk a straight line or lick their face, etc. But since it’s very salty, I would not recommend for frequent use. Only in desperate situation, i.e. you are about to pull your hair out, that should you proceed with tuna paste.

Do you have your own trick to give tablets to your cat? If you do, SHARE in the comment below. Together, we might be able to learn from each other and no need to be afraid of the giving tablet anymore! (sort of…)

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  1. splogy

    I find cream cheese works wonders as you can hide the tablet, chicken and ham works well too!

  2. splogy

    I find cream cheese works wonders! Han and chicken do the trick too!

  3. terrepruitt

    When we first got our girls we had to give them a pill every day for 30 days. It didn’t help that it was a HUMAN pill that had to be cut in half. So there were sharp edges. We had elected to NOT feed the cats human food so we weren’t willing to use it to give them there pills. We bought pill poppers. That helped. It was still an ordeal, but we all survived.

    • alicechauginguene

      I need to investigate pill poppers. I only ever used it on one client, I don’t see pill popper very often in Ireland, I wonder maybe it’s not very commonly used here….



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