Cat tip: cat house for indoor-outdoor cats

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To my surprise, I actually come across quite a few customers who have indoor-outdoor cats but have no cat flap. Either they are renting and not allow to install one or their door or window are not suitable to make a hole.

In cases like that, they very often tell me they feel guilty if they come home late to let the cat in. They worry the cat would be cold, have no shelter or that they got rain on.

To solve this problem, I always recommend them to get an outdoor cat house.

One of my customers have these in their garden.



And these are lucky kitties are happy owner of these houses – Gypsy and Cassidy.

So if their human come home late, they won’t get rain on or got cold, they could go into their houses and chilled out.

There are so many options out there when it comes to cat houses. You can go for really fancy houses or you can go for cheap and simple one if you don’t mind doing a bit of DIY.

Store bought options

A quick Amazon search, you can see this one…

For £32.85, seems quite reasonable.

This one is fancy, there is an indoor area and terrace area for the kitty, haha!

And then this one has a self heating foil underneath to keep kitty warm and cozy…

If you prefer to support local Irish businesses, you might want to check out these businesses:

Pet World seems to have lots of options…

cat house pet world

Bespoke options

And if you want something bespoke, you might want to check out these guys…

Pet Cosy


Funky Cribs


DIY options

If you want to make it cheap and you are handy, you can consider the DIY option.

Click on the image to see detailed step by step instruction how to make it.


Or if you prefer video instruction…



Do you have a cat house? If you do, take a picture and show us yours! Preferably with the cat! We want to see! 

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