Cat theme arts and crafts – Saaremaa Kunstistuudio, Saaremaa, Estonia

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More on my trip to Estonia!

Between giving lectures and meetings, I took a few days off to the island Saaremaa. I ran into this art studio / gallery place with a lot of cat theme arts and crafts, I thought I would share with you guys.

Here it is, the Saaremaa Kunstistuudio…

I noticed immediately the cute cats on the window walking pass…

I went inside and noticed other unusual cat items immediately…

Apparently, there was an exhibition of an illustrator Liisi Lukk. I suspect she is a cat lover as there are quite many cat theme artwork in her collection.

Aren’t they amazing?

I always find it refreshing to be on the Continent where cats have a more prominent position in people’s heart. There is still a long way to go for cat lovers in Ireland…

If you ever visit Saaremaa, check this place out!

Liisi Lukk – the artist


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