Cat Climb Time – A cat game that help real cats!

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When I heard from Jerico Matarazzo from Equality Empires talking about a cat game that can help actual cats, I was really curious. After he explained me the whole concept, I realise it is such a smart idea!

Cat Climb Time is a game for humans but have cats in it. And this is a cat game that makes a difference to actual real cats in a shelter.

The cats featured in this game are all actual real cats from a cat cafe in Perth, Australia. The Cat Café Purrth is a cat cafe that opened last year in Perth, Subiaco. From the day they opened, they have made a promise that part proceeds of everything goes to animal welfare. Cat Café Purrth’s twelve rescue cats are featured in the Cat Climb Time game.

To follow the footstep of Cat Café Purrth, the maker of Cat Climb Time will also donate part of the proceeds to their local cat shelter – Cat Haven.

Cat Haven is the main animal shelter for cats, located Perth. And like most animal shelters around the world, they are underfunded, overworked and at capacity. So every little helps! It is such a lovely story to know their local businesses make such a commitment to help them and that cat lovers have such solidarity to all help each other to grow together.

Here are the famous Cat Café Purrth cats featured in the game, look at them! They are funny!

What’s better than play games feature real actual cats in them, while being able to help real cats in shelter? If you love to play games (and a CAT GAME for that matter!), check out Cat Climb Time on iOS and Android today!!

Cat Haven

The Cat Cafe Purrth

Cat Climb Time

Cat Climb Time!

Our Cats ARE IN A GAME!Thanks to our friends at Equality Empires, all twelve of our cats are now a part of an awesome new game, Cat Climb Time. Play with Major, Rolo, Jelly, Mr. Fox, Albus … all of the kitties, as you climb higher and higher into the game.Amazingly, Equality Empires have also decided that part proceeds of Cat Climb Time will go to our very own Cat Haven. So now you can play with our cats and give back to Cat Haven from anywhere in the world!Check out Cat Climb Time here:APPLE

Geplaatst door The Cat Cafe Perth op Zondag 2 april 2017

Geplaatst door Cat Haven WA op Donderdag 23 maart 2017

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